Jalavez's woods from Ceillac

Level of difficulty: Easy
Elevation gain: 150 m
Distance: 9 km
Duration: 2h30
If you take this forest track in summer, which becomes a cross-country skiing trail in winter, you'll understand why the locals call this trail 'The Balconies'.
Indeed, this south-west-facing itinerary overhangs the vast Ceillac plain and the old farming terraces of Le Chastellas, and offers a stunning panoramic view over the Font-Sancte mountains and La Pisse waterfall. You can also see the paragliders' take-off area.
At the highest point you'll enter a forest which is darker than the larch forest crossed earlier. This is the largest arolla pine forest in the southern French Alps, where you'll be greeted by one of its main occupants, the spotted nutcracker.
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