Around Lac de Roue

Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation gain: 500 m
Distance: 11 km
Duration: 4h00
From Villargaudin at the bottom of the village, head for La Maravia. You'll arrive at Arvieux in less than an hour. As you enter Arvieux, between the Presbytery and the Temple, turn right onto Route des Maisons. You are now on the GR5 hiking trail where you'll discover Villargaudin on the opposite slope. At Lake Roue, leave the GR5 to turn right towards ‘Belvédères' as indicated on the sign. The path above Villargaudin and Château-Queyras takes you back to the GR5 trail. A little further along, turn right towards ‘Les Moulins - Villargaudin”. Walk down to Les Moulins, take a look at the mill, then return to the Pont du Déserteur (bridge) and leave the Villargaudin road to follow a path that also leads to Villargaudin.
This itinerary can be reached from the following accommodation:

la Fruitière ( 26 places - 1600 m )

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