Lac des 9 couleurs

Level of difficulty: Intermediate
Elevation gain: 960 m
Distance: 16 km
Duration: 6h00
This is the perfect hiking route for families. Much of it is in the very beautiful Laugier valley. This valley offers a gentle uphill walk to the mountain pastures occupied by multiple colonies of marmots, and up to the Serenne pass (2,674 metres) where you'll enjoy the magnificent view over the upper Ubaye valley.
The lake is just below the pass. This lake surrounded by huge blocks of stone is impressive not by its size but by its splendid colours that vary throughout the day.
Adventurous hikers can continue to the top of Pointe de la Mortice (3,169m) for a superb panoramic view of the upper Ubaye valley, the Escrin valley and Font Sancte, as well as Vars and the Parpaillon mountains.
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