Cristillan's mountain

Level of difficulty: Difficult
Elevation gain: 1200 m
Distance: 13 km
Duration: 6h30
You'll start at the bottom of a former Alpine ocean, 3,000 metres above sea level!
From Les Claux car park just below the hamlet of Le Bois Noir, you'll quickly join the old mule track that was used to reach the green-marble quarry of Ceillac. This hike takes you through a sparsely-populated larch forest, then across wetlands, before crossing the Cristillan torrent on a small footbridge. After a few hairpin bends, you'll see on your left the old customs hut which is now used as a shelter by a local herdsman. From there, the grasslands give way to rock. But not just any rock! Most of the green-coloured rocks in the Cristillan mountains are remnants of the oceanic crust that formed here nearly 150 million years ago. They now reach elevations of nearly 3,000 metres.
This itinerary can be reached from the following accommodation:

Gîte Les Baladins ( 80 places - 1640 m )

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