Tour de la Pointe de Rasis

Level of difficulty: Difficult
Elevation gain: 900 m
Distance: 19 km
Duration: 7h00
Outside the gîte you'll cross the road and the bridge, then head left towards the Moulin bridge. You'll then be on the GR58 hiking trail which follows the Rit de Lamaron and goes past the Flottes waterfall and the Puy cabins.
Once over the Estronques pass, you'll go right and head for the Fromage pass. You'll find yourself at the foot of the Pointe de Rasis.
At the Fromage pass you'll turn right onto the GR5 and head for the Prés Fromage pass. This is a fairly flat balcony path. You'll see the Brèche de Ruines, a geological curiosity, as well as the Pointe de la Selle, a mountain with an amazing shape.
Once you reach the Pré Fromage pass, you'll turn right towards the Saint Simon chapel and finish your descent towards La Chalp.
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