Accueil The Queyras

The Queyras

The Queyras mountains are an absolute must!

Discover the Queyras Regional Nature Park to cross deep gorges or, in the footsteps or our elders, high mountain passes that have been trodden by so many migrants, peddlers and merchants...
Welcome to our land. Fall into step behind us on the tracks and trails, through the narrow streets of our villages, or far beyond the waymarked paths.
The cool banks of a mountain stream, the shade of a larch forest, the burning sun of Grand Adret, the near-Arctic temperatures of the high valleys or the biting wind at the summit... perfect for dreaming, learning, drawing, playing, sharing... From the crack of dawn to nightfall, here you’ll enjoy the mountain experience to the full. And remember, this is your home too.

Why not take to the GR58 hiking trail?

The Tour du Queyras trail was designed by Mr. Philippe Lamour, Chairman of the National Land Development Commission, Mayor of Ceillac, Chairman of the Queyras Regional Park intermunicipal syndicate, and honorary administrator of the FFRP (French hiking federation). The trail was marked out by Mr & Mrs Lamour. It is regularly maintained by the Regional Park with the help of the National Forestry Office and the support of the local Hautes-Alpes Council.

The purpose of a regional park is to reconcile the economic and social rehabilitation of a given region with the safeguarding and enhancement of the natural and human habitat. Created in 1977, the Queyras Regional Nature Park has consistently based its activities on these principles while stating loud and clear the profound originality of this mountainous region. Its originality lies not only in the richness of the natural habitat and the traditional architecture, but also in the inhabitants’ vision of their own future. The GR58 hiking trail invites you on an in-depth discovery of this land that’s so “proud of its past and confident about its future”, where you’ll meet authentic inhabitants who are happy to flaunt their local origins and are now the main promoters of tourism here.