Around Aiguilles' village

Level of difficulty: Easy
Elevation gain: 100 m
Distance: 1.5 km
Duration: 1h00
From the village square (Place Jean Léa), take the uphill street behind the fountain. Take the first turn left up to the church.
Continue behind the church to the end of the cemetery and turn right onto a path leading up to the cross.
From here you can sit on the seat to admire the plunging view over the village and try to identify the main square and the town hall roof.
Next, follow the uphill path which leads below a house and onto the road.
Then go 100 metres down to an electricity pylon on your right. After another 30 metres, pass between the safety barriers to take the footpath leading back to the village.
This itinerary can be reached from the following accommodation:

Yak Avenir ( 18 places - 1500 m )

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