Lac du Malrif

Level of difficulty: Difficult
Elevation gain: 1050 m
Distance: 12 km
Duration: 6h00
00:00: Cross the village to the Lombard bridge. Before you cross, walk up to the left to take a smaller bridge. Then follow the GR trail which goes left and leads you to La Pause chalet.

00:45: Cross the track above the chalet and follow the red-and-white markers to the Eygliers chapel, then to the oratory to admire the view.

01:45: Continue on the GR trail through a larch forest, across a mountain pasture, up to a pass and finally to the great lake.

03:45: Time for a well-deserved picnic!
Return via the same route to the junction with the ‘Bergerie du Lombard' sign. Go down to the sheepfold and past it back to the car park and the track leading to Aiguilles.
On the last section you can take a shortcut via La Pause chalet.

06:00: What a great day!
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